How to choose carpet fiber

Choosing fiber will be a crucial decision you'll make when selecting your carpet installation because it is the very foundation of a rug. It plays a significant role, and they all have various characteristics that may or may not address your needs and requirements. When you understand them, you will end up with quality rugs that meet your style and are durable and long-lasting.

Natural vs. Synthetic

This is one of the questions we often hear at our carpet store in Hot Spring, AR, but, in this case, there's no right or wrong. It comes down to your personal preference. For instance, natural fibers, which are harvested from nature, are from more sustainable sources. So that would make them appeal to the environmentally conscious. But, on the other hand, synthetics are made from manufactured materials and are often considered the more practical choice, especially for those with larger families, because they tend to be more stain-resistant and are less expensive.

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The five most common fibers

There are both acrylics and blends, but five are chosen most often. Wool is natural, strong, fire-retardant, and sustainable. It has natural oils with tiny scales that repel dirt but is absorbable, so wipe spills immediately. That absorbability, however, makes it a natural dehumidifier, absorbing moisture when humidity levels are high.

Synthetic fibers include nylon, which makes up over 50% of all rugs. Developed by DuPont, nylon is known for strength and resiliency, making it ideal for busy rooms with high foot traffic. When used with a protectant, it has good stain resistance. Next in popularity is polyester, a non-absorbable fiber that makes the stain resistance inherent and superior. This is best for moderately busy rooms.

Olefin (polypropylene) is budget-friendly and has a wool-like appearance, making it a top choice for Berber-style (looped) and level loop low pile commercial rugs. In addition, it has good stain resistance and is solution-dyed, meaning that the color gets "baked in" during the manufacturing process and doesn't just sit at the tip. Add olefins mold-resistant properties, and it becomes suitable for both outdoor and basement applications.

Triexta, also developed by DuPont, is not only as strong as nylon but is also lower-priced, with permanent stain resistance built into the fiber. In addition, Triexta is made with rapidly renewable corn glucose, not petroleum-based products, resulting in less energy and fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds.) The rug can also be cleaned with water only, eliminating the need for any chemical-based cleaning substances.

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